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Total Advantage

What It Is

Total Advantage is a monthly subscription with allotted hours to support your company or team on business analytics needs, from the basics to advanced analytics. Consider it as your access to data science on demand, receiving ongoing support at one monthly price. The subscription includes access to a wide array of analytical tools to help your business grow. 

Short & Long Term Monthly Subscription

All-In BI & Analytics Solutions

What It Is.


Below are some examples on how you can leverage Portfolio Advantage to gain insights, make impactful decisions, and grow your business.

Online executive dashboards with regular updates as well as daily insights right in your inbox. 

Ad-hoc business analytics support via email or web-portal submission.

Monthly support to assess portfolio performance or model scoring.

Introductory analytics support plus assistance in transitioning into a fully trained staff .



Pricing is based on two parameters: (1) number of support hours needed per month, and (2) number of months in 6- or 12-month terms. 

Total Advantage includes an array of business intelligence and analytical tools such as:

  • Model Development: Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Financial Modeling

  • Monthly Scoring and Updates of Models

  • Custom Insights, Algorithms and Scripting

  • Ad-hoc Requests

  • Executive Dashboard Development

  • Data Assessments and Merging

  • Executive Summaries

  • Visualization and Charting

  • Statistical Software

  • and more... 

Exclusions (not all encompassing):

  • Third Party IT Support

  • Third Party Data

  • Undefined Reporting Tools & Licenses

  • Database Development & Integration

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This calculation is intended to provide only an estimate on pricing. Terms and conditions apply.

Monthly Hours

Length of Term













Total Cost



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