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Terms and Conditions

Note that these are general terms and conditions and will vary based on needs. 

  1. Pricing is calculated based on an hourly rate of $125 and contracted in 20 hour per month increments. There is a 10% discount on the hourly rate for every 20 hours contracted. There are two terms available, a 6-month term and a 12-month term. There is a 10% discount on the second 6 month of a 12-month contract.

  2. Monthly carryover. On a 6-month contract, up to 2 months can be carried over and 1 month can be brought forward. On a 12-month contract, up to 4 months can be carried over and 1 month can be brought forward. This is independent of payment, all payments are due monthly and does not constitute liability of hours. 

  3. Cancellation clause is 75% of the remaining periods. 

  4. All Terms and Conditions of Modeling Advantage is applicable when models are being developed.

  5. Additional cost may be incurred based on solutions that required additional licenses. Included costs are associated with labor, machine learning software support, and some cloud base storage cost. 

  6. Further terms and conditions to be determine based on the capacity of monthly support.

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