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Other Advantages

Intermediate Solution for Analytics & Insights


We can serve as an intermediary between two business partners to help them understand each other's business, optimize financial projections or pro formas, develop business analytics models, and provide guidance on data strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

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M&A firms can use our service as a third party agency that would independently pull and analyze data to help generate data-driven forecasts, understand the customer base, and optimize operations.


Data Availability & Sources

Analytical Advantage can help a company— whether just starting on their data transformation journey or already expanding so fast with many divisions— translate and map available data sources across the organization to strategize how the data can be used to better your decisions and grow your bottom-line. The first step is to know what your capabilities are with what you have, unfortunately, many organizations don't know what data they have available to them. 

Analytical Staffing & Departments

Analytical Advantage can help new and existing companies assess their staffing needs. Allow us to take an objective look into your resources, reporting, business analyses, data science, and information technology to optimize your organizational structure for analytical success.

Model Validation

We can perform model validations for regulated companies that generally need an independent assessment of their models, assuring predictability holds and ensuring that models have not deteriorated. This type of service is also valuable for companies that have not validated their models in six (6) months or more due to limited bandwidth or expertise.

Cross-Functional Data Acquisition

Analytical Advantage can aggregate enterprise-wide data and provide insights for a holistic view. This is especially the case for businesses that wish to utilize their data for internal purposes. The strength of business decisions and strategies can materially be improved by enterprise-wide data compilation. 

Revenue Management
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