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Bring data and analytics to the forefront of your business.

Who We Are

Analytical Advantage is your strategic partner in developing simplified and cost-effective analytical solutions that fit your business needs. Our expertise lies in cultivating deep insights from your business data to drive:

Business growth and greater revenue

Actionable insights that yield prescriptive solutions

Evidence-based decisions

We'll help take care of interpreting your data and analytics so you can remain focused on your business. You’ll gain the advantage of getting the intelligence you need in a much easier and more affordable way. 

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insights.

Carly Fiorina, Former President of Hewlett-Packard

What We Can Do For You

Grow Your Revenue.

Improve Your Margins.

Get bottom line impact.

Let us show you how data can be the start of your growth and change the way you do business for the better.

Leverage data.

Avoid business disruption.

Change Customer Behavior.

We'll help you leverage your data and bridge the gap between your business and your data.

Know your customer.

Know your business.

Re-think your strategy.

We'll work with enterprise-wide stakeholders to cultivate insights about your customers, business, and strategic initiatives.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

By leaving the analytics to us, you’ll gain an asset-light solution with no additional payroll, recruiting or software costs. You’ll be able to optimize critical business decisions based on actionable insights.



No Payroll

or Hiring

No Software




Key Benefiits.

How We Fit In 

We provide an array of solutions for individuals or businesses in various capacities such as:
Data-driven companies that understand the need for business analytics but are not ready to hire a full time data science or analytics team or unsure of how to begin.
Executives seeking corporate level support to get a deeper understanding of their portfolio and risk without interrupting current business flow.
Teams with specific modeling and advanced analytics needs but do not have the bandwidth, expertise, or software to move forward.
Marketing agencies and product owners who need a deeper dive into their clients’ portfolio to employ better strategies and make sense of customer behavioral patterns.
M&A, Private Equity, or financing teams in need analytical support to provide in-depth insights on portfolio quality, consumer base, or required data-driven due-diligence between parties.
We understand that all businesses are at different stages of analytical maturity. With our specialized services, we can provide the analytical support within and across the company to match your business needs.
How We Fit In.

Our Services


Portfolio Analytics

This service is an ideal solution for in-depth portfolio analysis that incorporates data mining, machine learning, and financial modeling to provide comprehensive levels of actionable insights for your business. Executives turn to this service as a practical substitute for a full data science team or when the in-house analytics team may not have the bandwidth or domain knowledge to uncover deeper insights.

  • Revenue and sales growth

  • Loss and risk mitigation

  • Consumer insights, LTV, and segmentation

  • Marketing analytics and campaign effectiveness

  • Budget planning and analytics

  • Data-driven product development

  • Commercial analytics

  • Financial modeling

  • Measurement and KPI development

Monthly Analytics Subscription

Gain access to data science on demand with this solution. With a monthly analytics subscription, you’ll have access to business intelligence at your fingertips. This monthly subscription, over a specified allotment of hours, conveniently provides you a wide array of analytical tools to help grow your business.  

  • On-demand ad-hoc support

  • Business and marketing intelligence support

  • Executive dashboard development

  • Machine learning & predictive modeling

  • Monthly scoring and insights of portfolio

  • Data-driven budget variance analysis

Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling

This machine learning and predictive modeling solution is ideal for companies or teams need modeling support but lack bandwidth, software, or expertise. It's a stand-alone product where you provide the data and we'll do the heavy lifting.

  • Data preparation

  • Modeling

  • Validation and scoring

  • Quick turnaround

Other Solutions

We offer a wide range of other services to help your business be data-driven.

  • Intermediate Solution for Analytics & Insights

  • Assessments

  • Model Validation

  • Cross-functional Data Acquistion

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