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Frequently Asked Questions.

What If I Don't Know What Data I Have?

As a part of the Custom Solution, data exploration and mapping will be a part of the process to understand the data availability across your organization. 

There is also a stand alone assessment in which Analytical Advantage will do a data mapping exercise to help you understand what data is available and ways you can capitalize on your data to grow your business. 

I don't know what machine learning methods to use.

One of the biggest benefits of using Analytical Advantage is that you don't need to know anything about machine learning or advanced analytics. We will determine the right methods and translate those methods into your business needs to help you understand the foundations of the methods used and how it will help solve your business problem.

How Is Machine Learning Different than AI and Data Science?

Great question! There has been material confusion around what these terms means and how they relate. Andrew Ng, one of the founders of AI, has done a great job of breaking down the difference between these terms. 

Machine learning is essentially a branch under Artificial Intelligence. It is the actual mathematical modeling of the data, the learning of patterns and the ability to predict. 

Artificial Intelligence is using the results of machine learning to interact with people and make decisions. For example, when you ask your virtual assistance what is the weather outside, Machine Learning methods is what does the translation of your words, but artificial intelligence is the act of being able to interpret and respond.

Data Science is a support term. It's the application of science which is machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and the essentials of interpretation to business users or end-users for proper application. 

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